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KEPCO E&C is actively pursuing renewable energy business in response to the major issues in the energy field including climate change, energy security, and demand management.

As an ESCO(Energy Saving Company), we provide performance improvement and facilities replacement services for various energy facilities. In the Smart Grid Field, we performed wind power forecasting service at the Jeju Smart Grid test-bed. Furthermore, we are aiming for creating green city and developing renewable energy in connection with smart grid, with Gimcheon, Wonju, Gangneung, and few other cities.

We have accumulated many records in resource recovery technology from waste, including building the world's biggest scale 50MW class LandFill Gas (LFG) Power Plants, and RDF (Refuse Derived Fuel) Combined Heat & Power Plants.

In the wind power field, we have successfully performed 'Hang Gyeong Wind Power', and 'Seongsan Wind Power' to contribute to the self-reliance of Jeju's green focused energy.

KEPCO E&C is also focusing on securing the technology competitiveness in the energynewbiz combining new technology and Information and Communications Technology(ICT) to the energy technology. Through this, we would like to firmly settle our status as the 'problem solving company' in the energy field.

Utility-Scale Solar Power EPCM Technology

대규모 태양관발전 EPCM기술 이미지1 대규모 태양관발전 EPCM기술 이미지2

Based on 40 years of experience in power plant design & EPC, we provide Total Solution for Utility-Scale PV Power Project incl.
the Permission, Feasibility, Design, Procurement, Grid Connection and Construction

  • Advisory Feasibility Engineering for Anjwa-do 300MW Solar Farm
  • Feasibility Study of 80MW Floating PV Power Plant
  • Engineering for Solar PV Power Projects
  • Domestic & Overseas Business Development with Engineering Technology & Business Competitiveness

Wind Power EPCM Technology

밀양풍력발전 조성계획 조감도 풍력 발전 이미지

Based on 40 years of experience in power plant design & EPC, we provide Total Solution for Wind Power Project incl.
the Permission, Feasibility, Design, Procurement, Grid Connection and Construction.

  • 100MW Jeju Hallim OWF EPC Project in Progress
  • Design and FS of Many Projects, R&D Projects
  • Continuous Technology Advancement by Securing International Lev

Fuel Cell Power Plant

연료전지발전 흐름도 연료전지발전 이미지

KEPCO E&C has technology of technical evaluation and economical analysis including Optimization of Type and Layout considering site conditions/customer’s requirement.

  • 20MW Hamanmoro Fuel Cell P/P EPC in Progress
  • Regulatory Permits and Approvals, Feasibility Study
  • Basic and Detail Design and Engineering
  • Installation and Commissioning

Power to Gas P2G Technology Integrated with RES

재생에너지 연계도1 재생에너지 연계도2

Technology to convert electricity into hydrogen or methane gas and to storage them for providing the flexibility to intermit tent RES and using curtailment

  • Integrating RES and Electrolyzer
  • Integrating Grid and Electrolyzer
  • Developing the Total EMS for Electricity, Gas and Heat

Jeju Hallim Offshore Wind Farm Project

KEPCO E&C is implementing the Jeju Hallim Offshore Wind Farm Project in accordance with the government’s renewable energy policy as a public company.
From this project, we are pursing to strengthen our ability to drive new and renewable energy project and obtain orders.

복합화력발전소 계통도
Project Overview
Location : Suwon-ri nearshore, Hallim-eup, Jeju-si, Jeju Special Self-Governing Province
Capacit : 100MW (Area 5.5 ㎢)
Construction period : 42 months after construction (2019.12 ~ 2023.6)
Operation period : 20 years after COD
Our Role : Investment, EPC (WTG Procurement & Supply, Engineering)