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In the 2000s, large-capacity nuclear power plant market has stagnated and the nuclear advanced countries aimed to develop small and medium capacity nuclear reactors, which can be used for multiple purposes. Korea has proceeded with SMART (System-integrated Modular Advanced ReacTor) project as a part of national R&D commercialization project. SMART is an all-in-one type nuclear reactor, in which nuclear reactor, steam generator, pressurizer, and coolant pump are all integrated into one vessel. SMART has 1/14 (100MW) capacity of commercial nuclear power plants, which can supply a city with a population of 100,000 with power, heat and water through ocean water desalination. Particularly, it is expected that there would be demands from the developing countries, which do not have large scale integrated power network.

Furthermore, the power plants with 300MW or less capacity being operated in numerous countries in the world are about 120,000 units. Of those, the facilities using fossil fuels that are over 30 years old are about 18,400 units. The prospect of the small power market, which can replace these, are the SMART.

KEPCO E&C has performed A/E and NSSSD in order to obtain standard design development and standard design certification of the SMART, and obtained standard design certification regarding SMART from the Nuclear Safety and Security Commission (NSSC) in July 2012.

In Dec. 2018, KEPCO E&C completed the design of SMART100 with passive safety system assuring higher safety in accordance with Pre Project Engineering(PPE) Agreement signed between Saudi Arabia and Korea. Currently, KEPCO E&C is pursuing the Standard Design Approval of SMART100 from Korea Institute of Nuclear Safety, and then construct 2 units in Saudi Arabia, and also export to 3rd countries.

SMART100 Specifications

SMART100 Specifications

Key Plant Features

Key Plant Features - Items,SMART,OPR1000-Model
Items SMART OPR1000-Model

Thermal Output



Power Output



Reactor Type

PWR(Integral-type, once-through type)

PWR(Separate Type)

Turbine Type

Single Casing


Thermal Cycle

Rankine Cycle

Reheat & Regeneration Cycle

Desalination Capacity

40,000ton / day