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Greenhouse Gas Mitigation

Carbon Capture & Storage : CCUS

Carbon Capture & Storage (CCUS) is a technology that can extract carbon dioxide (CO2) and apply pressure to change into liquid state to store before emitting to the atmosphere. KEPCO E&C is developing technology that uses wet Amine to capture CO2 from the power plant emission gas. Currently, we have installed 2TPD (2 ton/day) capturing system for Boryeong Power Plant to gather information for optimization of process and capacity upgrade.

TEST BED Capturing System Chart Wet Amine Co2 Capturing Facility System Diagram>

Commercial-grade CO2 Compressed Liquefaction Facility

상용급 CO2 압축액화설비 이미지1 상용급 CO2 압축액화설비 이미지2

Commercial-grade CO2 Capturing & Compressed Liquefaction Integrated Facility

상용급 CO2 포집·압축액화 통합설비 이미지1 상용급 CO2 포집·압축액화 통합설비 이미지2