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Environmental Assessment

Site Selection

KEPCO E&C uses highly specialized analytical techniques, such as Geographic Information Systems, satellite image data treatment system, routing and supporting transmission lines, and multi-criteria decision making tools, to select the optimal sites for various industrial facilities, power plants, and substations, and come up with optimal route of transmission lines.

Environmental Assessment

Environmental assessment is conducted to induce sound and sustainable development by predicting and assessing the impact of the proposed plan or development project on the environment.
Ever since the environmental assessment system has been introduced in 1982, KEPCO E&C has performed Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) for the first time in Korea, and has the experts in meteorology, geology, ocean, ecosystem, environmental engineering, and computer science. We provide environmental assessment service for the hydro and thermal power plants, nuclear power plants, transmission lines, and other industrial facilities. Particularly, optimal service is made possible through technologies such as review of development feasibility of the site through the survey and assessment of ecosystem, air quality environmental assessment and thermal diffusion analysis using 3-dimensional numerical modeling, and 3-dimensional landscape simulation.

Enviromnetal Impact Assessment(EIA)

Environmental Impact Assessment(EIA) is implemented prior to issuing approval or permission of the implementation plans of development projects of certain scale. By reviewing environmental impacts according to the implementation of the project, appropriate reduction strategies are established and implemented to induce sound and sustatainable development. KEPCO E&C provides differentiated services in survey and assessment of ecosystem, and landscape and visual impact assessment fields, where even more specialized assessment technology is required in the environmental impact assessment process.

  • Survey and Assessment of Ecosystem
    Survey and Assessment of Ecosystem

    Survey and assessment of ecosystem is one of the most important fields, and is one of the most controversial fields in Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA). Accordingly, KEPCO E&C has organized an expert team through the network with experts in the ecosystem field, and establishes survey and assessment plan to perform an in-depth survey and assessment of ecosystem.

  • Air Quality Impact Assessment
    Air Quality Impact Assessment

    KEPCO E&C uses traditional Gaussian Plume Model, such as ISC3, and AERMOD, as well as Lagrangian Particle Dispersion Model such as CALPUFF, and 3-dimensional numerical dispersion modeling technology. Furthermore, KEPCO E&C is equipped with the simulation technology for the optimal installation conditions of dust fences around the coal yards of thermal power plants based on the CFD modeling and atmospheric dispersion modeling. Recently, we have completed a project that calculates the width of horizontal and vertical smoke diffusion, which is the variable of the Gaussian Plume Model, through the observation of turbulence, and applying it to fit the topography of Korea, to apply to the Gaussian Plume Model.

  • Thermal Diffusion Analysis
    Thermal Diffusion Analysis

    KEPCO E&C is equipped with specialists and various computer programs to analyze the characteristics of marine environment including seawater flow, waves, erosion, and sedimentation. In particular, we have various project performance records on power plant thermal diffusion analysis technology.

  • Landscape and Visual Impact Assessment
    Landscape and Visual Impact Assessment

    KEPCO E&C has the latest technology and computer programs including 3-dimensional landscape and visual simulation, which is essential for the landscape and visual impact assessment of substations and power transmission lines. We provide optimal technological service that is appropriate for the natural landscape deliberation system, which requires formal and scientific analysis technology.

Prior Environmental Review

Prior environmental review is considering environmental effect at the initial stages of various action plans and development projects in accordance with the Framework Act on Environmental Policy. KEPCO E&C provides technological services for the harmony between development and preservation in consideration of environmental impacts such as feasibility of site and harmony with surrounding environment, and for the sustainable development.

Post-Investigation of Environmental Impacts

KEPCO E&C confirms the environmental impact corresponding to the implementation of a project, and consult with customers for the appropriate measures necessary to implement the agreements in the environmental impact assessment. Furthermore, during the post-investigation of environmental impacts period, we accurately identify the customers’ difficulties that arise from environmental management of the workplace, and propose solutions to the problems, to prevent disadvantages to the customers due to non-conformance of details of the agreement.