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KEPCO E&C is implementing Vision 2025 mid- and long-term managrment strategy for the purpose of achieving the vision, “Global Leading Energy Solution Partner”. Based on this, we have set ‘Advancement of Energy Solution Technology’ as our basic direction of R&D. Furthermore, we have selected 3 main strategies and 8 main agendas to focus our research capabilities.

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3 Main Strategies of R&D
3 Main Strategies of R&D 8 Main Agendas

Advancement of Nuclear Power Technology Focusing on Safety

Strengthening the Safety Technology related to Nuclear Power Plants

Advancement of Post Management Technology of Nuclear Power Plants

Advancement of Nuclear Power O&M Technology

Advancement of Eco-friendly & Highly Efficient Power Plant Technology

Advancement of Next-Generation Thermal Power Technology

Advancement of Renewable & Eco-friendly Technology

Advancement of Thermal Power O&M Technology

Diversification of Next Generation Energy Solution Technololgy

Advancement of Future Technology

Preparation of Base for Energy Solution Technology

R&D Investments

KEPCO E&C invests 7% or more of sales in R&D. Based on this, we are gaining technological competitiveness in the fields such as next-generation nuclear and thermal power plants, decommissioning, renewables, environment, and energynewbiz.

Business Performance for the Recent 5 Years and R&D Investments