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Quality Management System Process

From its foundation in 1975, KEPCO E&C was the first to introduce and operate nuclear quality systems in Korea. The company establishes and operates quality management systems reflecting the quality requirements of the nuclear sector, based on the requirements of ISO9001 Quality Management System.

  • Laws and regulations related to nuclear at home and abroad
  • Domestic KEPIC QAP
  • 10 CFR 50 Appendix B and ASME NQA-1 of USA
  • The management system requirements of IAEA GSR Part2
Quality Management System Process

Quality Activities

Customer Satisfaction

We gather customers' opinions through internal and external customer satisfaction surveys, and based on the outcome, the company devotes all-out-efforts to realizing customer value by developing the customer satisfaction activities.

Operation and Improvement of Quality Management System

KEPCO E&C maps out and practices quality policies and quality objectives to meet applicable statutory and regulatory requirements related to quality at home and abroad, and customer requirements. Moreover, the company continuously operates and improves quality management systems through corrective and preventive action, and management reviews.

Design Quality Assurance

KEPCO E&C implements planned and systematic quality assurance activities throughout all design stages, ranging from identification of design input to the publication of final design output in order to achieve and maintain the required design quality, and duly reflect design requirements, technical specifications, and standards.

Quality Education

KEPCO E&C is conducting company-wide quality education to promote effective quality management pratice through promoting quality awareness.

DICS Establishment and Improvement

In addition, the company established and operates a total management system in connection with experiences data and reoccurrence prevention for succeeding units from previous projects’ problems.

Nonconformity Reporting System

A system is being operated, so that if the nonconformities to the criteria for permits or technical criteria in the Nuclear Safety Act were found in the safety-related installations, the nonconformities would be assessed and reported in accordance with Nuclear Safety and Security Commission Notification.