Technology for Earth, Energy for Human


Social Contribution Strategy

KEPCO E&C has systemized social contribution activity strategies based on the company’s mission and vision in order to systematically carry out social contribution activities reflecting the government policies and the needs of the local community. Under the principle of respecting humans and valuing technology, we have expressed the will to realize KEPCO E&C’s corporate philosophy of pursuing harmony between humans, environment, and technology.

CSR activities for promising talent training that use top level technology

  • we are offering lectures in 12 different fields in nuclear power and thermal power to college students majoring in natural sciences or engineering by making use of our expert technology and manpower, conducting field trips to the power plants, and providing scholarships to students with excellent grades. In addition, we are strengthening talent donation activities such as by continuously implementing Industrial-Academic Cooperation with local colleges, and training and finding local talents.

Region-based social contribution activities to develop the community of the new location

  • We are operating voluntary corps formed by the people who wished to participate voluntarily, and performing diversified voluntary activities by implementing sponsoring services such as regional welfare facilities, 1 village for 1 company, and 1 military camp for 1 company. Further, our activities acted as the trigger for the spread of social contribution values through mutual benefit/communication with local residents and the spread of sharing culture.

External Relation-based CSR Activities

  • We refrain from one-time or event-type social contribution activities in favor of performing region-customized social contribution activities in a timely manner through cooperative projects with external professional organizations.
Corporate Philosophy
Harmony of Human, Environment, and Technology
Vision 2025
Global Leading Energy Solution Partner
Strategic Goals
Development into a Global Social Contribution Company That Contributes to the Happiness of Humankind and Society
  • Promising Talent Training-based CSR
  • Region-based CSR
  • External Relation-based CSR