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Chamsarang Voluntary Corps

About KEPCO E&C Chamsarang Voluntary Corps

KEPCO E&C Chamsarang Voluntary Corps

To practice social contribution activities for the fulfillment of corporate social responsibilities (CSR), KEPCO E&C has founded KEPCO E&C Chamsarang Voluntary Corps since August 2005 under the slogan “Technology to the Customers, and Love and Sharing for the Community.”

It is made up of 4 voluntary corps, and made alliance with orphanages, nursing homes, and child facilities to practice various voluntary activities.

Particularly, our company introduced the Matching Grant method, in which the company donates twice as much as the donation spontaneously contributed by all employees from their monthly wages to fund the operation of the Chamsarang Voluntary Corps. The program has attracted steady attention, to the point where the participation rate of all employees has reached 88%.

KEPCO E&C has continuously devoted ourselves to make a more affluent environment for human lives under the corporate philosophy of “Harmony of Human, Environment, and Technology.” We will continue to actively provide support at the corporate level so that by strengthening systematic social contribution activities to provide hope to the local community and neighbors, we can ensure that our company is elevated to a beautiful corporate culture.